Sunday, September 11, 2011

I've Written a Novel

Well, I've gone and done it now. I have written a novel. I've written a lot of non-fiction in my life including papers for conferences, articles for magazines, a regular column for a journal, poetry, etc. I've even written several fictional short stories and a non-fiction book. But up until recently I have never tackled writing a full length novel. I found it both challenging and fun. The novel is entitled "Passion is a Harsh Taskmaster." It has elements of mystery, romance, mysticism, spirituality, religion, and skepticism. It is currently available in a variety of eBook formats. The Kindle version is available at Amazon while a number of other formats are available at Smashwords. It will soon be available Barnes & Noble, Apple's iBook store, and other online booksellers. I'm quite proud of my book and am glad to say that it is garnering 5-star ratings at Amazon among early readers.

Here's a teaser:

Would you divorce your wife of 10 years after one night of wanton pleasure with another woman? What if a man claiming to be from the future told you it was the right thing to do? Tom Shallot faces this dilemma and more as additional visits occur. When the nature of these visits become known, Tom finds he must team up with the "other woman" to interpret cryptic clues. Lives are at stake.

Here's some links:

Amazon Kindle
Web Site
Facebook Page

A preview is available at most of the links above. If you decide you want to read the whole book, it costs just $3.99. I hope you'll give it a try. If you read and like it, please go to Amazon and write a review. Word of mouth and a multitude of good reviews are what can make or break a book.


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